Prox Px03 Level Iiia Carrier Package


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The ProX series offers access to NIJ Standard-0101.06 protection at an affordable price. Delivering both extreme value and availability in custom-sized solutions. ProX IIIA PX03 is Honeywell Gold Shield 2117, Honeywell Gold Flex, Teijin Twaron construction. The ballistic panel is covered in 70 denier Ripstop with TPU lamination system. It is special-threat tested against 9mm 127 gr. +P+ SXT, FN 5.7—28 27 Gr. JHP, FN 5.7—28 40 gr. V-Max and 7.62x25mm 85Gr. FMJ Romanian Tokarev rounds. NIJ test protocol certifies models to specific performance standards, while special threat testing uses the same facilities and conditions to test popular rounds specific to regional threats.

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Dimensions 22.00 × 2.00 × 13.00 in

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