MIL-KIT 7TS ALS Military Kit for Sig Sauer P226


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The model MIL-KIT, 7TS ALS Military Kit features the model 7384 Tactical Holster mounted on a Single Strap Leg Shroud with 568BL Paddle attached. Also included in the kit are the 567BL Injection Molded Belt Loop, an adjustable nylon shoulder harness, and MOLLE Locking Fork for chest mount (MLS 16), which are all equipped with the Quick Locking System Receiver Plate (QLS 22). This kit allows the user several options for a quick and easy transition to any platform depending on the mission.

Gun fit:
Sig Sauer P220
Sig Sauer P226
Sig Sauer P220R
Sig Sauer P226R
Sig Sauer P226R MK25
Sig Sauer P227 R3

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