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Featuring a strong bendable wire interior for forming around objects and a grippy rubber exterior for staying securely attached, the Gear Tie can bundle, secure, and hang gear with a simple wrap-and-twist motion. Waterproof, UV-resistant, flexible, and made in the USA, youll find yourself reaching for Gear Ties around the house, in the backyard, on camping trips, and everywhere in between. Twist it, tie it, and reuse it for years to come. Use the 3” to keep computer cords, headphones and ear buds bundled and untangled, close produce and snack bags, shore up plant and flower stems and much, much more. The 6 Gear Tie is the perfect solution for containing and organizing medium to long cords and cables, hair dryers, kitchen appliances, and all those other electronic items you need every day. The 12” Gear Tie can bundle, connect, and organize everything from workshop tools to children’s toys, appliance cords, and more. The 18” is the perfect size to wrap and organize medium-to-large items such as jumper cables and extension cords, as well as hanging lightweight tools and lanterns. The 24” is a great organizer for bigger unwieldy items such as yoga mats, skis and skates, and larger tools, and is tough enough to hang a heavy lantern or full can of paint from a ladder. The 32” Gear Tie bundles garden tools, hoses, and industrial appliance cords and is a great companion on camping/fishing/hiking trips for wrapping sleeping bags, hanging waders, and more. The 64” Gear Ties make light work of big jobs, from securing lightweight loads to roof racks, wrapping uneven bundles, attaching bags to rolling luggage/carts, stabilizing tall loads to dollies, and anchoring larger items like propane tanks in truck beds.

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