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Spyderco’s groundbreaking Delica and Endura models have been mainstays of our product line since they were first unveiled in 1990. Together these revolutionary designs pioneered the concept of the lightweight, clip-carry, one-handed folding knife and were instrumental in popularizing fiberglass-reinforced nylon (FRN) as a handle material. Light, durable, and resistant to most chemicals and solvents, this remarkable material can be injection molded to create intricate shapes and textures in virtually any color of the rainbow.
Since their introduction, the Delica and Endura Lightweights have earned a loyal, worldwide following and distinguished themselves among Spyderco’s most popular and best-selling models. They have also evolved steadily through four generations of design refinement, in the process inspiring many different expressions of their basic forms featuring various blade steels, grinds, edge configurations, and handle colors.
Despite their tremendous popularity among serious knife users, truth be told, there really is no one-size-fits-all” knife. Individual hand sizes and personal preferences differ, as do the various laws regarding legally permissible blade length. Based on feedback from countless Spyderco enthusiasts, it was clear that there was both room and a bourgeoning demand for a middle-ground” knife that includes all the features and benefits of the Delica and Endura Lightweights in an in-between” size. That knife, which also shares elements of the names of its predecessors, is the Endela.

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